Tune In To NBC's "Access Hollywood" Tomorrow (Saturday)

Tune in to NBC's Access Hollywood tomorrow (Saturday, 16 April 2011) 7:00pm EST/3:00 PST

They have a Summer Preview segment will air and will include SUPER 8 and an interview with J.J. Abrams from CinemaCon.


Entertainment Weekly's "Super 8" Write-up

Here's a great article on Super 8 by Entertainment Weekly.

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"Super 8" Spread in Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly has a two-page spread using "Super 8" to advertise the 2011 blockbuster summer.

Joel, Elle, and Ryan are highlighted in that spread.

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EW: "Super 8" Tied for 2nd Most Anticipated Movie of Summer 2011

According to Entertainment Weekly, "Super 8" is tied for the 2nd most anticipated movie of Summer 2011.


“Super 8″ Viral Hits The Physical World

SlashFilm reports that their headquarters received a mysterious "Super 8" film package in the mail.

Today /Film HQ received a small unmarked envelope containing an old box of for a Kodak Super 8 cartridge (Type A). Must be some creepy viral for the Steven Spielberg-produced JJ Abrams-directed film Super 8. Makes sense, right? So…. inside the box was, as expected, a reel of Super 8 film. And…

The 8mm film on the reel had been developed/printed. It begins with a missing placeholder card, and then shows a dozen or so scientist-looking people in a room. Thankfully the box also contained a small little flash drive with the Super 8 logo (I guess, in case I had not yet figured it out…). On the drive is a digital version of this small black and white clip. You can watch it now embedded below:

I’m not sure what it means. I’m sure the other footage to complete this is out there somewhere. My file is named, so maybe I have the 46th piece of the puzzle? Or maybe that has nothing to do with anything? What do you think?

The package also contained the following card:

I have already sent an e-mail with the unlock code so you don’t have to. The e-mail has yet to trigger a response, I’m sure other codes must be sent before the “advanced look” can be unlocked.