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J.J. Abrams Super 8 Cast Revealed 

Announcement from Clevver Movies.

J.J. Abrams' Super 8 Cast is revealed. Find out who made the cut right now.

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Paramount recently announced many of the cast members for J.J. Abrams' top-secret Super 8 project. Making the list are Ron Eldard, Noah Emmerich and Gabriel Basso, as well as newcomers Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee and Zach Mills.

The studio confirmed lead roles have gone to Kyle Chandler and Elle Fanning. Chandler is best known for starring on the small screen in Early Edition and Friday Night Lights. Fanning has held parts in several films including Babel and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and she's quickly following in the footsteps of big sister Dakota Fanning. Details for Chandler and Fanning's characters in Super 8 have not yet been released.

The film kicked off production earlier this week in West Virginia, and the set will reportedly be transformed into Lillian Heights, Ohio circa 1979. An official synopsis has not been announced, but it's believed to center around three siblings who spot an alien in the footage they shot on Super 8mm film.

In addition to writing and directing, J.J. Abrams is also producing Super 8 alongside Steven Spielberg and Bryan Burk. Super 8 opens in theaters in 2011.


"Super 8" Trailer

Here's the Super 8 trailer that's running in theaters currently.



It can happen: Unknown nabs a lead role (with a little help from his acting coach)

The following article is from Gayla Goehl over at The Playground.

Gary Spatz's - The Playground is one of the most respected acting programs for children in the United States. Gary regularly coaches actors for auditions and callbacks for feature films and episodic television. Gary's been teaching classes for children and teens for over 20 years.

Gary and Gayla coached me through the auditions for Super 8.

Here's the article from The Playground:

Joel Courtney, 14, had realistic hopes. He simply wanted to spend the summer in Hollywood with his older brother Caleb (Sol, “Endurance 6: Fiji), take a few acting classes, maybe audition for a commercial or two – then return home to Moscow, Idaho.

He ended up cast in a film produced by Steven Spielberg.

It all started at The Playground Conservatory, a young actors’ studio in Century City founded by renowned acting coach Gary Spatz (New Mickey Mouse Club, Rosanne, Everybody Loves Raymond, the upcoming Judy Moody and The Not Bummer Summer). After a few classes, Joel was asked to audition for Super-8 (via Seattle-based casting director Patti Kalles). Gary knew Joel wasn’t quite ready – but prepared him as best he could.

April Webster and Alyssa Weisberg were in charge of casting. “They liked Joel as soon as he walked in the door,” Gary said.

But, again, without credits and craft they weren’t sure. So we started coaching him specifically for this role. And they kept bringing him back, callback after callback, all summer long. We had to get his acting chops up to the point where all involved would feel confident in trusting a lead role to a novice young actor. Eventually he got in front of JJ Abrams who gave him several of the big emotional scenes from the movie. Each time Joel was improving but he hadn’t yet convinced JJ. Several screen tests later, and after many more hours of coaching, Joel stepped up to the challenge and secured the part.

Mr. Spatz gives credit not only to Joel – but to Assistant Director of The Playground, Gayla Goehl.

Super-8 will be directed by J.J. Abrams, produced by Steven Spielberg, Abrams, and Bryan Burk for Paramount and Amblin Entertainment. The main cast includes Kyle Chandler, Elle Fanning, Ron Eldard, Noah Emmerich, Gabriel Basso, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee, Zach Mills, and Joel Courtney. (Source: Hollywood Reporter)

Joel Courtney Joins Cast in Amblin Entertainment/J.J. Abrams’ Sci-Fi Feature Super-8
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