"F The Prom" Official Trailer

F The Prom will hit Digital and On Demand on Tuesday, December 5th.


"F The Prom" Official Poster

F The Prom will hit Digital and On Demand on Tuesday, December 5th.


Explore the Sins of Our Youth in Official Trailer

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On tap right now is the first official trailer for Sins of Our Youth, starring X-Men’s Lucas Till. Check it out, and look for more soon!

Sins of Our Youth Release Details:
Breaking Glass Pictures has set the release dates for Gary and Edmund Entin’s (GEOGRAPHY CLUB) thrilling, socially-relevant thriller SINS OF OUR YOUTH starring Lucas Till (X-MEN franchise, “MacGyver,” MONSTER TRUCKS). The film will open in Los Angeles and selected cities starting December 2; the film streets on DVD and arrives on all major North American TVOD platforms December 6, 2016.

Along with Till, SINS OF OUR YOUTH also stars Joel Courtney (SUPER 8), Mitchel Musso (“Hannah Montana,” “Phineas and Ferb”), Ally Sheedy (THE BREAKFAST CLUB; SHORT CIRCUIT), and Bridger Zadina (“Law and Order: SVU”). Written by Gary Entin’s twin brother, Edmund, the film’s production team includes Co-Executive Producer Frederick Levy; EP Anthony Bretti; Producer Michael Huffington; and Line Producer Stephen Harrison.

SINS OF OUR YOUTH is a frightening, cautionary tale of four teenagers who accidentally kill a younger boy while firing assault weapons recreationally and the perilous decisions they make in the wake of the killing. In a moment of desperation and fear that their lives are over, the youths construct a chilling plan reminiscent of a video game plot: They will hunt each other down until only one is left standing.

“SINS OF OUR YOUTH provided a platform for Lucas Till, Joel Courtney, Mitchel Musso, and Bridger Zadina to demonstrate the full range of their acting abilities and to each have breakout performances,” said producer Michael Huffington. “The chemistry between these fine actors was palpable on the set and now on screen. I am very proud to be associated with this film and hope that it has a transformational impact on the youth of our nation.”

“We are honored to be releasing SINS OF OUR YOUTH,” said Rich Wolff, CEO of Breaking Glass Pictures. “With such a strong cast and message, we hope the film will resonate with audiences and make them think twice when handling and firing a gun.”


"Sins of Our Youth" Official Poster

Check out Joel's newest movie: "Sins of Our Youth."

The film will open in Los Angeles and selected cities starting December 2; the film streets on DVD and arrives on all major North American TVOD platforms December 6, 2016.


Movie Rat Reviews "The River Thief"

From The Movie Rat

The River Thief is a film that tells the story of Diz (Joel Courtney), a street urchin for as long as he can remember, who was abandoned by his mother and has long since lost touch with his father. Diz is the kind of character one could see as irredeemable, as he steals to survive and has no qualms about it. His solitude and lack of upbringing make him socially maladjusted to say the least. His worldview is challenged when he meets Selah (Raleigh Cain) whom is the first person he he’s longed to be closer to and ingratiate himself to.

N.D. Wilson helms this, his debut feature, in fairly assured manner with missteps few and far between, as he builds a somewhat unconventional tale methodically that manages to surprise without cheating and with a minimum of tonal dissonance. Wilson is a best-selling author whose previous directing experience include book trailers for his own titles, and short films.


There are large portions of the second act where there is a sustained betterment of the film, which is almost entirely unlikely considering some of the hiccups of the first act. This crescendoing leads to a powerful, unexpected climax that fulfills the allegory, message, and meaning that was merely alluded to at the start. Much of the cohesion to be found among at first seemingly ill-fitting tropes and narrative facets is created through the scoring by Eli Beaird and music by Tommy Cash, whose musical aplomb is on display in one of the films more heart-rending scenes; and the rest is tied together by the lovingly sumptuous cinematography of Andy Patch.


Joel Courtney assuredly turns in his best performance since Super 8, due in equal parts to his maturation as an actor, the material, and his rapport with Wilson. Raleigh Crane matches Courtney with a vibrant breakout performance as an average girl equally struggling to understand her enigmatic new admirer and her grandfather’s willingness to forgive and reach out to Diz.


The River Thief is a film that is akin to Diz’s namesake, St. Dismas –the Penitent Thief of the Cross, so named in the Apocrypha- any of its sins either of omission or execution can be forgiven because of the way it ends, its earnestness, and persistence in reaching its final poignant moments. The River Thief has not been rated by the MPAA but I would recommend it for older teens due to certain themes and scenes.

It is available on VOD starting on Friday, October 14 on iTunes and in select theatres.