Filming a New Project

I started filming a new project today. It's called "Text Me When It’s Over" and stars Danielle Campbell (from "The Originals").

Benny Fine (from Fine Brothers Entertainment) is directing. 

More details to come, including photos and videos from behind the scenes of the shoot. 


The Messengers Cast Update: Joel Courtney’s Optimism Despite Cancellation

From Movie News Guide

Despite the cancellation of The CW’s new apocalypse-themed series “The Messengers,” one of its stars, Joel Courtney, is still optimistic about it. Read on for details.

In Courtney’s Twitter account, he told his fans that they could still watch the full 13 episodes of “The Messengers” on television. He promised an explosive ending.

Courtney is still actively live tweeting for his fans every time an episode is aired.

Courtney plays the youngest one among the Angels of the Apocalypse. Peter Moore is a high school student who lived a depressing life in foster homes years ago. He also faces bullies everyday at school. Aside from his intermediate swimming skills, he is eventually given the power of strength, which becomes a great advantage to counterattack his bullies.

BuzzFeed first reported that “The Messengers” is officially cancelledTV Line stated that the show generated a mere 0.3 rating from its 1.2 million viewers in its premiere on Friday, Apr. 17, 2015. The site’s critics ranked it with an average of only C+.

“The Messengers” focuses on the lives of five chosen ones namely Vera Buckley, Erin Calder, Peter Moore, Raul Garcia and Joshua Silburn, Jr. who are given extraordinary abilities after a meteor crashed on earth. These individuals are going to merge for a mission that has something to do with the apocalypse or Rapture. They will eventually face the truth about the mysterious entity called The Man.

“The Messengers” stars Shantel VanSanten from “One Tree Hill,” Diogo Morgado from “The Bible,” JD Pardo from “Revolution,” Joel Courtney from “The Haunting Hour” and Sofia Black-D’Elia from “Gossip Girl.”

There you have it for the cast update on “The Messengers” star Joel Courtney. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG) and like our Facebook page What Movie is this.


What is JJ Abrams's favorite moment in Super 8?

From Quora:
I love Joel's performance -- one of my favorite moments is when he's being held by this huge alien and is terrified but also brave and hopeful.  It's especially amazing to me, since he was actually just standing on the ground and I was just off camera waving a huge piece of cardboard at him to make his hair move as if the creature was breathing on him. He did such an amazing job.  Also, the train crash was really fun to film. But my favorite moment is such a small thing: Joel telling Elle's character about what happened to his mother -- and how it was bad when she died, but that his dad got the necklace she wore back, and gave it to him. He's just so sweet there, so hopeful, and then his heart sinks, all on camera.

CW ‘Messengers’ Episode 3 Spoilers: Peter Joel Courtney Talks New Series

From Classicalite:

Recently, Peter actor Joel Courtney opened up to Buddy TV about how his characters fits in with the others on the show:

“When the meteor crashes, it definitely is the beginning of a new start for Peter. Whether good things are on that path or bad things, it'll eventually set him in a good place. So he gets his strength, and then there's the incident (in the pilot) at the party. That was definitely not good. But throughout season one of The Messengers, he really finds a family with the group. Which is something he's never really had. So he's definitely set on a different path, whether good things or bad things come of that, he doesn't know. But through season one, it's definitely a good arc”.

Be sure to tune into the all new episode of The Messengers, tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on The CW.


J-14 EXCLUSIVE: Katherine McNamara and Joel Courtney Talk About the Movie That Started Their Friendship

From J-14:

Katherine McNamara and Joel Courtney have been friends for over four years, and it all started with their movie Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn, which recently came out on DVD! The actors met during their audition for the film – Kat plays Becky Thatcher and Joel plays Tom Sawyer – and have pretty much been inseparable ever since.

When we chatted with the besties about their new movie, they agreed that filming on location in Bulgaria really kick started their long lasting friendship.

"When you end up in a foreign country where everyone speaks Bulgarian..." Kat started. "That's when you become friends," Joel finished.


Over the past few years Joel and Kat have pretty much achieved the ultimate friendship goals.

"We've [stayed] really close friends. It's nice to have somebody you can always text no matter what time it is and talk to about whatever," Kat EXCLUSIVELY told us.

Since the movie wrapped in 2011, both stars' careers have taken off. Kat recently finished filming the second movie in the Maze Runner franchise, The Scorch Trials, and is working on The Fosters, and Joel's new CW show The Messengers premiered earlier this month.

"You always want your friends to do well, and you always want the people you really care about to be successful and do what they really love," Kat said about Joel's success. "It's really nice to be able to watch someone grow, and be successful, and do great things."

And while both actors are incredibly supportive of each other, their busy schedules have definitely limited the time they've been able to spend together.

"It's impossible to hang out with Kat [now] because she's always working on something," Joel told us.

"We have to coordinate our schedules because when one of us is in LA, the other's gone shooting something," Kat adds. "And that's why Facetime is a beautiful thing."

When their schedules do work out, Kat told us that they like to plan "crazy vacations" or do "something spontaneous." Talk about the cutest BFFs ever!

Click through the gallery to see their most adorable bestie photos, then let us know which pics you love the most in the comments below. Are you glad that Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn brought them together? Are you excited to see the movie?

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