Movie Poster: "The Kissing Booth"

Available on Netflix on 11 May 2018!


Trailer for "The Kissing Booth"

The trailer for my next movie, "The Kissing Booth", is out. 

Be sure to watch it on Netflix on 11 May 2018!


The Kissing Booth – May 11

From Hidden Remote

Need to recover from some of the events you watched unfold in End Game? Tune in to catch The Kissing Booth! A romantic comedy following Elle Evans (Joey King) a young girl who has never been kissed before. To finally be kissed, she runs a kissing booth at her high school. But what she didn’t expect is to kiss her secret crush — Noah Flynn (Jacob Elordi). Both seem to get along, but there’s just one problem: Noah is the brother of her best friend Lee (Joel Courtney), and the two made a pact that makes family off-limits. What will Elle do?



"The Kissing Booth" Release Date

Netflix announced that "The Kissing Booth" will be released on 11 May. 

More information to come! 


Why we’re excited for new Netflix movie The Kissing Booth

Betty has a great article out on why she's excited for "The Kissing Booth" movie.

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Netflix’s original movies have been getting really good lately – Benji, anyone? The so-ridiculous-it’s-amazing A Christmas Prince? And things are continuing to go from strength to strength on the streaming service, with one upcoming original particularly capturing our attention: The Kissing Booth.

Based on the YA novel of the same name by Beth Reekles, there isn’t an official release date for The Kissing Booth yet, but we’re already VERY excited for it to drop – and here’s why…

The book it’s based on is pretty awesome – and has a teen author

Beth Reekles was just 15 when she wrote The Kissing Booth and shared it on Wattpad, garnering a record-breaking 40 million hits, and helping her land a three-book publishing deal with Random House. How inspirational is that?

Beth decided to write The Kissing Booth after looking online for something to read and not being able to find anything, because, “at that point everything was still vampires and werewolves and angels”. Ah, Twilight. On the hunt for a good old fashioned teen romance, she decided to write her own and The Kissing Booth was born. If you haven’t already devoured it, get your copy here.

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