Video Montage of Joel

Alexis put together this wonderful video montage of Joel.

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Thanks, Alexis! Well done!



'Super 8': The Young Cast Reveal Plot Details, But Won't Say Who (Or What) Is Behind The Mystery

From MTV's Movie Blog. This interview was at Nickelodeon's orange carpet Kids Choice Awards.


Nickelodeon's orange carpet Kids Choice Awards

Student Joel Courtney in Super 8 

From Hallie Todd Studios:

Hallie Todd and Glenn Withrow are very proud to have coached their student, Joel Courtney, through his auditions for the leading role in Super 8.

After months of call-backs, Joel landed the part in the new JJ Abrams/Steven Spielberg Summer release which hits theatres on June 10th, 2011.

Watch the Super 8 trailer at the Official Site.

First Showing: "Super 8" Kid Actors Hit the Red Carpet

From First Showing:

Paramount aired a new TV spot with a few never-before-seen moments for J.J. Abrams' Super 8, my most anticipated movie of the year. It was uploaded last night by TheMovieBox. I believe it aired during the Kids' Choice Awards, which is where a number of youth-focused TV spots hits, including a few for Green Lantern, too. Paramount also brought out the five kids from the movie, lead by newcomer Joel Courtney as Joe (left in photo below), to the red carpet of the Kids' Choice Awards and the LA Times uploaded a very fun video interview with them that I've also included.


MTV: The "Super 8" Kids are All Right

From MTV Movie Blog:

The Kids Are All Right
While so many of the previews and the buzz surrounding "Super 8" has been about what's in the train (Vegas odds are on aliens) and all the strange happenstance that occurs after the train crash, the latest trailer emphasizes what a big role the kids in the movie will play. After all, its their super 8 camera that captures the big moment.

In the new trailer, we learn that a group of friends, with a penchant for making their own monster movies, stumble upon a real-life horror scene when they witness the crash that changes everything. The young cast -- which includes Elle Fanning and newcomer Joel Courtney -- seem to embody the childlike wonder, mystery, and amazement that Spielberg and Abrams have made so much a part of their classics. After all, what would "E.T." have been without Elliot, or "Lost" without Walt? Likewise, the kids of "Super 8" will no doubt be the key to figuring out what's going on here.